Gums form a seal of soft tissues around the teeth and protect its roots from food particles and germs. Good health of jaw bone, the gums and the root of teeth are necessary for good oral health and better quality of living. A periodontist is a dental professional who earns DMD or DDS degree and undergoes extensive education and training in the field of periodontics to gain more knowledge to treat gum diseases and complications related to the jaw bone. Periodontists are well-verse with curing gingivitis and periodontitis. The skills they gain from training allows them to perform dental implant surgery comfortably. At our dental office, we treat patients with utmost care and make sure that the cure positively adds to their overall health. Our holistic principles give us a unique position in the treatment of periodontal problems. Our approach and the expertise of our periodontist Dr. Kayhan Civelek have won us the trust of people of New York City, NY.

Periodontist and Dental Care

Caring for your gums is very much essential to be orally healthy. A periodontist is someone who can find signs of gum diseases or infection and treat the same through various treatment procedures. General dentists are also trained to perform certain procedures to cure gum problems, but with a periodontist, the cases are more complicated. Those serious gum problems which cannot be treated at a regular dental practice can be handled by a periodontist. General dentists advise patients to visit periodontists when they come across such problems.

Plaque is a biofilm which forms over the tooth surface. When plaque gets collected around the gum line, harmful bacteria start to inflame gums. The gums swell and become tender. If left untreated, the infection can aggravate and cause the gums to recede, exposing the root of the tooth. With improper support, the teeth can loosen and fall off. Periodontal care is essential to see that gum diseases and infection are cured and prevented.

Periodontists can conduct a number of different types of surgical and non-surgical procedures. The prime motto will be to keep the gums clean and in good shape. Periodontists remove infected tissues and plaque and make sure that gums are healthy.

Periodontists take into account a number of different types of factors when performing a treatment. Questions regarding the medical history of the patient, the lifestyle, and medications (if patients are undergoing any treatment) will be asked by the periodontist. X-rays may also be taken to examine the condition of patients. Based on the findings, a treatment plan will be framed. Our periodontist makes sure to guide patients on how to maintain proper oral hygiene. Brushing teeth twice a day and flossing at least once can make a big difference by preventing gum diseases. The periodontal treatment is successful only when patients are aware of how to take care of their gums.

Kayhan Civelek DDS, MS, PC

All our efforts are dedicated to creating a healthy smile. Our activities in general dentistry and implantology protect and enhance your smile.

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Excellent dentist. Works with ease. A natural

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I have been t many other Periodontists and dentist and they screwed up and screw up bad. They left me with bone infections and multiple infections in my gums and abscesses in my root canals. Dr. Civelek was the first to accurately diagnose and treat me successfully...

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