Non Metal Implants

Dental implants are among the most complex treatments in dentistry which can restore a lost natural tooth. Periodontists place implants in the jaw bone where it forms a bond with the bone tissues. Since the implant remains in the jaw bone for many decades, the material in which it is made of has high significance as far as the overall health of the patient is concerned. The need for the safe and more advanced type of dental implant resulted in the development of nonmetal implants. They are also called Zirconium implants or ceramic implants. Not all dentists use nonmetal implants at their office. The surgery requires exceptional skills and only a periodontist like Kayhan Civelek can do it without difficulties. Our nonmetal implants in New York City, NY have given marvelous smiles to many of our patients. We go by the principles of holistic dentistry where the entire body is regarded as one unit. Holistic dentistry has always emphasized the need for use of bio-inert materials like ceramic for tooth restoration appliances. Such materials do not react with the human body and hence are harmless to a person.

Why Non Metal Implants?

The reasons why nonmetal implants have gained prominence in recent times is due to holistic advantages and other major benefits. Prior to the introduction of zirconium implants, only titanium implants were used to replace natural tooth root. Titanium is a metal which can corrode and harm the oral cavity. This is one of the major reasons which triggered the introduction of Zirconium implants. Another problem with the metal implant is that few people are allergic to titanium. Zirconium implants have helped such patients in winning beautiful smiles.

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, there are many more benefits from using nonmetal implants.

  • Zirconium implants are more attractive since the complete implant is made of white colored material. With titanium implants, one may find gray lines around the abutment.
  • Zirconium implants form a strong bond with the jaw bone.
  • Nonmetal implants lead to less plaque accumulation around the tooth, which improves oral hygiene.
  • The surgery with nonmetal implants requires less number of visits because the implant and dental crown combine to form a single piece.

Placement of Non Metal Dental Implant

The procedure for placement of Zirconium implant is similar to dental implant surgery for titanium implants. Here, the exception is that the treatment may not require as many visits for the patient as it is with the metallic dental implants. The surgery will be performed using a local anesthetic. The implant bonds with the jaw bone after a few weeks, which gives high strength and support to the artificial tooth.

Our periodontist takes extreme care in performing Zirconium implant surgery in New York City, NY. Thanks to the benefits of Zirconium, we have been able to establish good dental health in many of our patients in the city. With these implants, plaque accumulation is less which means gum can remain healthy. Nonmetal implants finally agree with our concept of holistic dentistry which is the prime reason why we support the choice of these implants.

Kayhan Civelek DDS, MS, PC

All our efforts are dedicated to creating a healthy smile. Our activities in general dentistry and implantology protect and enhance your smile.

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