Gum Disease And Infection

Healthy gums are vital for good oral health. Gums cover the base of the teeth and form a seal against debris. Gums should be in good shape and free from diseases for the mouth to function properly and to own a refreshing smile. Gum infection and diseases develop in the mouth primarily because of harmful bacteria which are present in plaque. The infection harms the gum causing it to swell and bleed during brushing. The advanced phase of such gum inflammation is the gum disease which is also called periodontitis. Only a periodontist can help patients recover from gum diseases. Periodontist pursues an education in periodontics which primarily deals with gums, jaw bone and the supporting tissues of teeth. They are trained to examine problems with the gums and find a cure for the same. Dr. Kayhan Civelek is a renowned periodontist who takes care of gum infection and gum diseases in New York City, NY. Our dental practice is specially dedicated to treating problems of gums and we aim to bring out wonderful smiles in the beautiful people of this city.

Gum Infection and Gum Disease

The infection of gum starts off when there is no proper oral hygiene. Plaque is a biofilm which occupies over our tooth surface. The plaque has bacteria which are capable of infecting the gums, which results in swelling, redness, tenderness and cause bad odor. Over a period of time, gums start to recede and the root of the teeth is uncovered. As the infection proceeds, the bone under the gums is harmed causing more problems. Formation of gum pockets and bone loss occur in the next stage. The series of events can be categorized into gingivitis, which is the initial stage of inflammation and periodontitis, which is the advanced stage of gum disease.

Reasons for Gum Disease

Oral hygiene plays an important role in the health of gums. When the plaque on the teeth is not removed from time to time, it can initiate inflammation of gums. Apart from poor oral hygiene, there are some more factors which may influence gum health.

  • Studies have shown that diabetic patients can easily develop gum disease. Hormonal changes in women can initiate gum diseases.
  • There are certain medications which are capable of drying the mouth by reducing the flow of saliva. This can lead to gum infection since saliva is very much essential for proper functioning of the mouth.
  • Smoking can increase the possibility of gum infection in a person.

Treatment for Gum Disease

The primary treatment starts off with the cleaning of the mouth at the dental office. It is important that patients maintain good oral hygiene in order to stay away from a gum infection. There are many types of procedures which can be followed at a dental practice to clean the areas around the gums. Scaling and Root Planing is one of the common procedures. There are other methods used to remove pockets in gums and reshape the gum line. Depending on the severity of the disease and the condition of the gums, a treatment plan is set. Our periodontist examines the condition of gums thoroughly and prescribes medicine or plans treatment accordingly. We also provide tips to patients on how to keep the gums healthy.

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